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Resin Distribution


We offer a wide variety of plastic resin material available for immediate delivery. Our collective experience will give you the right solution for your exact needs. 


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We purchase and pay promptly for scrap or obsolete material to regrind and reprocess to provide top quality recycled plastic to molders, compounders, and extruders.

Buying & Selling

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One call connects you with the Midwest's number one resource for buying and selling plastic resins and industrial plastic scrap.


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Our 50,000+ square foot warehouse and trucking capabilities allow us to stock and deliver on your plastic needs at a fair price, when you need them, and on time.


At Discover Plastics, we recycle post-industrial scrap plastic everyday.

57,774 Kwh of Energy

~Stanford University

Did you know?

One Ton of  Recycled Plastic Saves:

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