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About Us

One call connects you with the Midwest's number one resource for buying and selling plastic resins and industrial plastic scrap.

Team Discover is driven by the desire to give the plastic industry’s best service to its customers. We know that by understanding our customers’ needs, we can deliver exceptional service. That is why each team member’s goal is to know you better. We need to know what your immediate problem is and what your future problems might be. We need to know what your specific, current, and future plastic resin requirements are and when you will need delivery.

Knowledge facilitates transactions, making them faster and smoother. Given your input, Team Discover has the knowledge and desire to service you, whether you need a specific formulation of resin, or a generic virgin, regrind, or reprocessed resin.

Our staff has years of experience in virtually every facet of plastics from procurement and recycling to plastic injection molding. Put our experience, problem solving and superior customer service to work for you.

To get in touch with any specific team members, please refer to the Contact Us page


Our Mission

At Discover Plastics, our mission is to find the exact product and solution you need, while finding it on time and within budget.


We are not only a plastic distributor but also a plastic problem solver. 

Our History

Discover Plastics has been serving plastic companies for more than 50 years. In 1974, Discover Plastics was a small regrind broker operating from a local office in the metro area of Minnesota. We were a small office with a big vision.  

With our growth, we have maintained our neighborhood roots which have become the cornerstone of how we approach business.

Our Reputation

Over the years we have built our reputation in the industry with strong connections to plastic manufacturers and suppliers. Our equally long term relationships with many of our customers make us a true business partner, delivering solutions for all your inventory needs.  No order is too small for us to work together, from a 50 lb. bag to an entire rail car.

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