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Post Industrial Plastic Recycling

At Discover Plastics, we purchase and pay promptly for plastic scrap or obsolete material to regrind and reprocess. We utilize a state-of-the-art granulator to recycle scrap material into recycled product. This revenue stream for our customers helps improve their savings, while also providing top quality recycled resins to injection molders, compounders and extruders. Our grinding operation ensures that we control the quality and delivery of regrind resins.  Our goal is to help you find quality plastic resins at competitive prices, with an unsurpassed customer service experience.

We specialize in turning post industrial plastic scrap into versatile reprocessed resin.  We buy unusable or obsolete plastic scrap, a by-product of injection molding, extruding or other manufacturing processes. Examples include: sprues, runners, spools, sheet scrap or cut outs, bottles, caps, and much more. We are a recycling center for industrial scrap plastic.

In addition to transporting our recycled plastic nationally, we have global exporting capabilities as well.

Below are the scrap plastics we accept. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.


Recycle Image


Recycle Image



Recycle Image



Recycle Image



Recycle Image



Recycle Image





Recycle Image








At Discover Plastics, we have recycled post industrial plastic scrap since 1974.  We would love to keep your plastic scrap out of the landfill and pay you for it!

Recycled resins could replace almost a third of virgin plastic by 2030 and nearly 60% by 2050

~McKinsey & Company

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